Anything Canine w Derek ‘n Ashli

Intrepid Chihuahua, Tiki Zucman, struts down the Laguna Beach, Main Beach, Boardwalk, July 6th, 2014.

Oh, that green thing is my Fitbit activity tracker BTW. You should totally follow me!

OMG it’s been crazy hotttt! So I finally convinced The Lady to go down to Laguna Beach, CA so I could hang out w my peeps Derek ‘n Ashli at Anything Canine. Here’s a bunch of pix of my day. You can click the thumbnail to see big and then use arrow keys to scroll through. I wrote the story of my day in the photo captions, so check it out.

And oh hey Derek ‘n Ashli, thanks so much for hangin out with me. I didn’t really get a photo of you guys, well, except for Ashli’s legs, because I have the world’s lamest photographer! Can you guys send me a photo? See you soon!

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