Didi ‘n Paige

You might have heard that The Lady had an accident.

Poor Lady. 🙁

But also poor me. 🙁

IDK which is worse, The Lady being sick, or me having to spend time with The Insipid Boy. I thought life was hard back in the Russian motherland, but it seems like troubles have followed me here to America.

A real bright spot is my pal Didi and his owner Paige. Some peeps think Didi and I are twins! When The Lady was home sometimes Didi and I would run and run in circles on The Lady’s lawn. It was crazy good fun! What happy times!

Paige and The Boy brought Didi and I to Sequoia Park in Monterey Park for a play meetup. It was so great to see Didi! But I have to confess I’ve been a little stressed out about The Lady being away, and I wasn’t able to really play with Didi the way we used to. I hope Didi and Paige aren’t mad at me. I know I shouldn’t be such a stress case! But it’s just so hard! 🙁

Didi, a chihuahua


a chihuahua & his owner

Didi & Paige

two chihuahuas in the park

Didi (left) & Me (right)

2 chihuahuas & a young woman in the park

Didi, Paige & Me

two chihuahuas in a park

Roamin around the park with Didi

Two chihuahuas in a park

Paige petting me! (Didi’s cool with it)

A brown chihuahua sitting on top of a queen size bed

I wasn’t the best company in the park. I know it. I miss The Lady. I try not to be a stress case. But it’s just really hard.

Paige & Didi leaving the park

Bye guys! Don’t be mad at me! Hope to see you again soon!

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